Tässä palauteviesti Sidmouth Photographic Clubilta
Kuvathan löytyvät Galleriasta.

Hi Kouvola,

We’ve had a great evening looking at your images, there were some great shots.

Here are the results.

1st: 04 Father and Son dining by Kalle Ylimaki
A great nature shot with perfect timing. good background and composition.

2nd: 33 Wonderland Vintage 2 by Sanna Vornanen
Nicely framed by flowers and very good composition.
A beautiful and charming girl.

3rd: 30 White Horse by Jaana Ahola
Very nice creative image with a good composition and colours.

4th: 17 No stopover on the moon by Tuomo Tulokas
Very good compositional and creative shot.

A few more of the best:

06: Girl by Jukka Mankki
Very engaging and charming girl, naturally lit portrait. Eyes especially nice.

15: Mirror by Pekka Niemi
Very clever reflection and good composition on the diagonal.

20: Reindeer in Kiilopaa by Montonen
Great reindeer shot. Good depth of field.

22: Sleeping Flowers by Leena Asikainen
Good backlit flower shot. Suits monochrome treatment.

27: Up from a pond by Leena Asikainen
Another good picture with great sense of movement. Nice muted colours.

23: Snowman by Unto Mentula
We liked the humour and the “hairy chest” of the snowman.

We have enjoyed looking at all of your images, they were great.
All images received positive feedback.
You have some very good photographers in your club.

All our members are wishing you a good summer break and are looking forward to next year.

Best wishes for you and your club,

Tony Velterop
Sidmouth Photographic Club


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